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Carro Tracking Solutions Kenya Ltd is a GPS tracking company. Our products include: GPS Car Tracking Installation, vehicle tracking, fleet management, fuel monitoring, GPS Digital Speed Governor and vehicle load monitoring. Additionally we supply persons GPS trackers, Pets and Animals GPS Trackers. Our capable team is able to deliver to any location here in Kenya.


GPS Car Tracking Installation

Once installed in the vehicle, the GPS tracking device starts to collect data. Data stored in the car tracking device is then accessible through, mobile phone in form of text SMS, smartphone application or a Computer Web platform. Additionally, once installed you can be able to check and or control the vehicle using your phone.


Boat and Motorcycle GPS Tracking Systems

Waterproof GPS tracking solution provides a full suite of fleet management features for your boat or motorcycle. The GPS tracking device has a special design to make it waterproof. Whether you own the latest sport boat or motorcycle. Car Tracking Solutions Kenya Ltd provide the best waterproof GPS tracking system.


GPS Fuel Monitoring System

GPS Fuel Monitoring System uses best detection technology to fuel level in fuel tank. Used in all types of vehicles for fuel level monitoring. The system connects with GPS Car Tracking Installation via the fleet management. This allows for the vehicle fuel monitoring at any time. Reports and alerts sent over mobile or web platform.


Fleet Management System

GPS Fuel Monitoring System measures the height of fuel level in a vehicle tank. This means that when the fuel level changes in a sudden the Fuel Monitoring System sends an alarm or an alert SMS. Fuel monitoring System combines with the GPS Vehicle Tracking System to form a GPS Fuel Tracking System.

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