Cargo Tracking Solution provides our customers with the ability to monitor their cargo-in-transit in real-time. Consequently, Cargo carriers use our Solution to enhance security during transportation. Hence fleet managers can sideline concerns over cargo security of carrier fleet and goods through efficient Load monitoring. Furthermore, Cargo tracking and Load Monitoring System provide a simplistic and innovative step to ensure goods safety in transit.

All things considered, fleet managers need Cargo tracking System to monitor the load on a real-time basis and check for any pilferage of the goods. To achieve this, GPS weight recorders transmits load data against location and time. As a result, expenses due to the pilferage of goods are controlled.

Most noteworthy, while vehicle tracking monitors the location and general features, cargo system monitors weight and transmit the real-time data over the GPS. Thus, fleet managers can determine any unauthorized change of load capacity from the weight data, much as any reporting may suggest otherwise.

In conclusion, from logistics corporates to entrepreneurs and startups, cargo tracking solution is a necessity for transport business industry.


  • Optimized Vehicle Routes.
  • SMS / Email Reports.
  • Loading Reports.
  • Over-loading Reports.
  • Offloading Reports.
  • Fuel Consumption Reports.
  • Location Activity Reports.
  • Mileage Reports.
  • Trip History Reports.
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