Frequently Asked Questions on GPS Tracking

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Frequently Asked Questions

GPS tracking uses a network of satellites to determine the location of a device that was specifically designed for that purpose. We use GPS car tracking tools to monitor and control vehicles and heavy operation machinery. The GPS car track device provides speed, location and distance updates through provided platforms.
GPS car tracker is used to check and control vehicles and heavy operation machinery. The GPS car tracking device provides speed, location and distance updates. Thus if you’re wondering a driver in your fleet has gone off course or, if your teen has been speeding, using recommended fuel, GPS give you the answers you need. Detailed reports from the car track show you where a vehicle has been, where it’s headed and how fast it’s traveling.
Listen-In Microphone. Panic Button. Real-Time Location. Detailed trip log. Movement report. Start / Stop Engine. Summary trip log. Vehicle activity report. Speeding report. Mileage report. Fuel consumption report. Geofence report. Maintenance Schedule. Updates via SMS. Mobile Apps. Computer Platform.
Through a Relay, GPS CAR TRACKING SPEED GOVERNOR cuts fuel supply or pedal power supply when vehicle speed exceeds preset max speed limit. In addition through a customized program, user can send SMS command to set a required speed (E.g. 80 KM/H) such that when vehicle speed exceeds the preset speed, e.g (80 KM/Hr), tracker will command relay to cut fuel supply until the vehicle speed comes down.
GPS Tracking Installation cost is depends with the item being tracked. Example for a GPS Vehicle Tracking Installation costs Ksh15,000. Our clients can always request a quote from our website and get the best professional advice.
It takes an hour to install the GPS Tracking Device in a vehicle.
Our capable team can always do installation at your site.
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