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Learn how GPS tracking works aided by sophisticated gps tracking devices with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software. A GPS tracking device is installed on each vehicle to collect and transmit tracking data via a cellular or satellite network, whichever works best for your operations.The gps tracker then delivers the data to the tracking software in the server which you can access through the web at any time. You receive real-time vehicle tracking updates, including location, direction, speed, idle time, start/stop and more — allowing you to manage a tighter schedule and a more efficient fleet.Additionally, we have an option to include a cctv camera which can take still photos or videos and submit them in real-time. It is good to note that videos require some extra storage memory.The gps vehicle tracking features include;


  • Robust, real-time, continuous vehicle tracking with auto refresh rates
  • Real-time and/or trip replay on map
  • Optional imagery via CCTV camera.
  • Information of current location, distance travelled and speed of the vehicle
  • Routes taken by the vehicle
  • Alerts: over-speed, waypoint, SOS, Stops, duration and location
  • Mobile phone status on the current location, speed and time of the vehicle
  • Remotely configurable (OTAP)
  • Remote Immobilisation : Remotely stop your vehicle
  • Remote Monitoring of AC
  • Reporting on vehicle performance over user specified time interval
  • Geofence (of any shape) and simple interface for area definition just by mouse clicks
  • Configurable alerts
  • Formation of groups for vehicles. Group wise view / tracking , Real time multiple vehicle tracking.
  • Integration with over 25 different devices
  • Full screen view of maps on the online interface
  • Customizable Alert Button Action (Emergency switch)
  • Customizable frequency of location information to control room
  • Confidentiality of private information
  • Customizable to meet client specific requirements
  • Personal tracking (for children and sales persons)
  • Advanced solution for SCHOOL BUSES
  • Historical Route Information
  • Unauthorized Zone Alerts
  • Web-based Software : 24 X 7 access
  • Mobile App for both Android & iPhone: 24 X 7 access
  • Keep watch on Resources
  • 1 Year Warranty.
  • Finally.. Save Money
















  1. Track location of your vehicles from anywhere in the world.
  2. GPS devices help businesses to become more customers friendly. For instance, a cab company that is using a vehicle tracking system can tell a customer exactly where the nearest cab is and give a realistic estimate on how long it will be.
  3. By having all the relevant information on one screen, those running the software have easy access to answer enquiries rapidly and accurately.
  4. By having detailed information on the whereabouts of all employees, business owners are far more in touch with their business operations.
  5. Applications of Vehicle Tracking System
  6. Taxi /buses management.
  7. Special vehicles and heavy trucks Management.
  8. Anti-theft security system for private vehicles.
  9. Rent car management.
  10. Private car safety and security.
  11. Fleet Management.
  12. Asset Tracking
  13. Refrigerated Vehicles
  14. Oil Tankers
  15. Distance Calculation
  16. Stolen Vehicle recovery

Personal Trackers

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