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No 1. GPS Trackers for Livestock and Wildlife


Real-time personal GPS tracking devices are a great way to ensure another person’s safety as they work by showing you exactly where the device is located at all times, using

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Fill the form below to request a GPS tracking quote for car track, fuel monitoring system, fleet management system. Our capable team will get back to you as soon as

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how gps tracking works.

How GPS Tracking Works

Learn how GPS tracking works aided by sophisticated gps tracking devices with flexible, advanced mapping and reporting software. A GPS tracking device is installed on each vehicle to collect and

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Car Track Company Kenya


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No 1. fuel monitoring system Kenya


GPS Fuel Monitoring System uses the superior-level detection technology to measure the height of fuel level in fuel tank. The system offers real-time detection of the fuel level to prevent

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No 1. fleet management system


FEATURES OF A FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Quality Fleet Management Hardware Our fleet management hardware is designed to withstand the rigors of traveling with your fleet, day in, day out. Enabled

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No 1. cargo tracking system


Cargo Tracking Solution provides our customers with the ability to monitor their cargo-in-transit in real-time. Consequently, Cargo carriers use our Solution to enhance security during transportation. Hence fleet managers can

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Car Track Nairobi Kenya

GPS CAR TRACK INSTALLATION KENYA @ Ksh15,000 | Call:+254 722 568 045

We use best quality GPS car track devices to monitor and control vehicles and heavy operation machinery. The GPS car track device provides speed, location and distance updates through provided platforms.

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