Whether you own the latest sport boat,fishing boat or motorcycle you'll want to keep real-time movement track with the best waterproof GPS tracking system available.

A waterproof real-time GPS tracking solution provides a full suite of fleet management features for your boat. The GPS tracking device has a specially designed power management system to avoid discharging the battery. The GPS tracking solution provides an exception alert reporting, plus comprehensive trip and rider behavior analyses.

Tracking system uses SMS, Mobile App and internet control system to view reports from motorbike movements.


The GPS tracking system allows you to track your motorcycle from your mobile device or computer. We only use high quality tracking units from one of the world’s largest suppliers of GPS tracking units to guarantee customer satisfaction. Our dedicated facilities ensure all tracking data is securely stored.

Our tracking devices will give you the ability to see the position of your motorcycle on demand, whilst a variety of alerts can be set to ensure that you are always aware of any problems with your bike – including a geo-fence alarm which will alert you if your motorbike leaves a set area, and a movement alarm which will let you know if your bike moves more than 200 meters and a vibration alert that will send you a message if anyone even touches your bike. Place an order today to take advantage of our highly competitive prices on motorbike GPS trackers, and enjoy free delivery on your order too.


  • Detailed trip log.
  • After hours movement report.
  • Alert report.
  • Summary trip log.
  • Driver hours report.
  • Daily vehicle activity report.
  • Speeding report.
  • Daily driver report.
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